The level of professionalism that they give to urban culture is something that should be highly commended. If you’re not with ?’s Got Game, then you’ve got no game at all! 
– Stephanie Takyi,  Journalist/ Presenter (BBC1 Xtra)



?’s Got Game was launched in 2011 as a cross-disciplinary, music, performing and visual arts agency with urban leanings. Spawned from the desire to alleviate great artists of hidden pressures, we operate with hustle and heart; human to human with the bottom line in mind. Projects are bespoke, results driven and passionately executed.


Shit hot and uniquely talented, clients have a cohesive inclination towards equality and positivity. We are firm believers in the power of contemporary culture as an agent of change.


A strong track record of bringing artists out of the obscure and into path of the right people at the right time as well as the ability to successfully manage projects for established artists sets ?’s Got Game apart.


Find us at the back of gigs whispering deals into ears, at the front of high-end conferences and pitches securing inroads and signing contracts, touring, scouting, networking, managing, shooting, recording and ensuring the best delivery of service to clients and the best delivery of content to industry.


We offer a holistic management and development service, handling all business and any relevant creative aspects of career progression. From procuring collaborators to developing fan bases, distribution, branding, licensing and publishing, social media, generating live performance work and exposure, merchandising and endorsements, as well as day to day administration and support. We devise and implement forward thinking strategies for clients unique needs and secure quality work across the industry. Our management services include in-house PR, Bookings and Synchronisation.



From intimate nights to big boy festivals, we assist artists to secure live performance work throughout the UK and abroad. Our bookings agency extends services to graffiti/ aerosol/ street artists, landing commissioned jobs as well as slots at paint and other festivals.


We offer full Public Relations service in all areas of media communication at competitive prices. Our services include:

# presskit/EPK (electronic presskit) creation and management
# fanbase building
# (E-)campaign/Newsletter generation
# distribution of press releases to relevant media
# promotion of new release/product/event
# Social media campaigns and updates
# event/ launch organisation
# media relations
# exposure in national/regional publications, consumer/B2B magazines,
and/or on radio, TV and the internet



Our latest foray, we blanket license clients for UK TV whilst developing international administrative deals to suit clients individual needs. Our service includes and focuses on pitches for synchronisation for TV, advertising and film. More on this soon!

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